The two of you have your own vibe, your own quirks, your own story. So your elopement needs to match. What makes your couple heart beat? Mist-shrouded forests or ocean cliffs ... a backpacking trip deep into the wild or a gorgeous spot accessible to a small gathering.

The point is, it’s true, intimate, and totally unforgettable. It’s focused entirely on you two!

Whatever you’re dreaming of, I’m your elopement matchmaker—connecting super cool couples with super cool locations. But it’s even more than that. I build real friendships with my couples, and guide them through the whole process.

My ultimate goal is to deliver you stress-free wedding that matches your vibe and honors what you want. It’s that authentic experience that creates genuine photos!



  • Choose your package (options below) and head over to the contact form!
  • We’ll get to know each other and talk about dates and locations. We start out with a general location (say, Colorado) then narrow it down based on lots of things like the season, your favorite outdoor activities, how you handle altitude, and how many folks will be with you. (You probably don’t want to drag Grandma up a 14er.)
  • A contract and deposit reserves your date and general location. Let’s do this thing!
  • Once you’re on the books, I’m all yours! You’re a rad couple choosing elopement, so going stress-free is what it’s all about, right? With minimal planning on your part, we’ll figure out permitting, vendors (if you’re having them), and lodging, plus all those extras that make your day unique!
  • Each couple is unique and therefore gets a custom elopement timeline that incorporates all activities and outlines every aspect of your special day. 
  • It’s here—wedding day! You get a full day of coverage—from the moment you lace your boots, to the granola snack stop, to that first glance and final gasp when we reach our spot. I’m there to capture the vows, the exchange of rings, the big kiss, and the pop of champagne (yeah, I pack that in—it’s about the little things).
  • The next day, you’ll receive teasers to share with family and friends. The rest of your photos will be delivered in six to eight weeks so you can toast your awesome marriage and relive your epic day all over again!
All Inclusive Elopement Packages

• Where do I get ready? Before we start hiking, or …?

There are no rules when it comes to eloping. But hiking long distances while decked out in wedding attire can be a challenge, which is why so many of my couples opt for carrying their wedding clothes, flowers, and other gear in a backpack until they reach their epic destination to exchange vows. Or you can say eff it and spend every moment of your wedding day in your gown or suit. It’s your day—do what you want!

• My family wants to be there. What are my options?

More than half of my elopements include family members. Again, the whole point of an elopement is, you make the rules! It’s completely normal for couples to want their family to witness their wedding (but give yourself permission to say no to family if you want).
So if your family is on board with your vision, invite them along for the adventure! Another option is to elope just the two of you then throw a big party when you get home—wear your wedding clothes and share the story of your epic day!

• Any tips for awkward and camera shy people?

This isn't like any other time you’ve had a camera in your face. The point isn’t the photos—the point is to enjoy this experience! That’s the sweet spot where captivating, natural photos happen. I’ve found it helps to incorporate some of your favorite activities: paddle boarding, rock climbing, hiking, cliff jumping, bringing your pet, or even spraying champagne (hey, that can be your favorite activity). You’ll forget my camera is even there!

• Who marries us? (I assume there’s not an ordained moose hanging out.)

In some places, like Colorado, you can marry yourselves! Or invite a friend or family member to adventure with you to officiate. Just make sure that officiant is 100 percent on board with your bad-ass elopement (and the level of hike we’ve planned)!

• How far in advance should I start planning my elopement?

I suggest booking your date and general location 3+ months out but I've done elopements in just 7 days! After you book your date, I’ll guide you through the entire process. Elopements are supposed to be no stress and minimum planning on your part, while still achieving the perfect wedding day!

• How would you describe your photography & editing style?

I would describe my style as adventure storytelling. You’re getting married in some of the most stunning spots on the planet, so I focus on the couple while highlighting the amazing landscape. I’ve always been a sucker for keeping photos as natural as they were in the moment, while adding an extra special zest in post editing. I am a lover of nature and people, and these two things combined make for some epic photos!


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From the first blush of the sun to the purple twilight, I’ll document every rad moment of your adventure elopement. This is an all-inclusive experience, so I’m there for candid smiles, shared laughter, and captivating portraits as you soak in nature's beauty!

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I work with each of my couples to craft a totally customized elopement—a questionnaire, unlimited consultations, custom location scouting and timelines, a packing list, and vendor recommendations I’m here to make this experience stress-free and a ton of fun!

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Expect next day teasers followed by fully edited, high-resolution photos with a shareable link and unlimited downloads. Who’s going to want that awesome photo of you and your partner standing on a mountaintop? Yeah, everybody.



I’ve adventure’d in some of the most iconic, beautiful places in the world. I’d love to help you find an epic location that resonates with you for your ceremony.



Why stop at one day? Turn your elopement into an overnight adventure into the mountains of Colorado or anywhere in the U.S.! Reach out to get more details and start planning the ultimate adventure!

STARTING @ $9,000


Elopements don’t have to mean just you two. Share your special day with between eight and twenty-five people for an intimate ceremony. Available anywhere in the U.S.



Maybe it’s the Oregon coast that calls to you, or the Glacial Valley of Yosemite, or the rugged peaks of Glacier National Park. Let your imagination go wild, and I’ll tag along to capture the adventure.



These are the places I consider my backyard. An epic adventure awaits you when you elope in the mountains of Colorado or the deserts of Moab.



Let’s celebrate your engagement! We’ll explore the Colorado mountains for an adventurous engagement photo session.

STARTING @ $1,500