Breckenridge is, by Colorado standards, a pretty small town! It’s about 5 square miles and has 4,500 full-time residents, but it has many vacation homes. A lot of outdoor enthusiasts call Breckenridge their favorite places to vacation. It’s one of my favorite places for weddings and elopements, so I want to share with you some locations I suggest.

Along with all the venues and locations, Breckenridge has a ton of places where you can get married in the backcountry and some crazy beautiful locations for photos. Because the locations and trails aren’t suitable for every kind of wedding, I make backcountry suggestions to couples based on the time of the year, how wild they want to get hiking in, and how they want their photos to look. If that’s the type of wedding you are looking for, get in touch with me for some ideas.

Bride and Groom Breckenridge Elopement Guide and Spots


Many ski towns in Colorado close down around May and don’t start ramping things up until October, but not Breckenridge. You may find a restaurant closed here and there in early spring and late fall, but for the most part, you can find something to do here all year. 

You’ll have a lot less competition for places to stay here than other resort towns, which can be really nice, especially if you want friends and family to join you and not be spread around all over. 

Bride and Groom With Family Breckenridge Elopement Guide and Spots


I’ve done weddings in Breckenridge in a simple cabin by a mountain stream and in multi-million designer homes that are rented out as AirBnB’s. So, no matter if you want to keep things small and simple or want to really throw down, you can do it here.
Having an AirBnB can be a great home base for you and your friends and family as you explore the area and take in all the fantastic things to do and see here.

AirBnB Elopement Breckenridge Elopement Guide and Spots


One of the great things about this place is that you have a super small wedding at the base of the mountain, or right along the shores of 7 different alpine lakes. Or, if your guest list is more significant, there’s a lot of great lodges that have all the amenities.

There are so many great little locally owned brewpubs, restaurants, and more to do outside like fly fishing and white water rafting. It’s a great combination if you have people coming who are both outdoor-type people and people who are more attracted to shops and taking in incredible views. 

Bride and Groom Dancing Breckenridge Elopement Guide and Spots


Snuggled right into what is called the Tenmile Range, Breckinridge is in the heart of the Continental Divide, so there are more than a dozen mountain peaks in the range. Add in some alpine lakes and some of the prettiest wildflowers in the summer and brilliant foliage in the fall; it’s no wonder this place is a popular place to get married in Colorado. 

Bride and Groom at Lake Breckenridge Elopement Guide and Spots


Breckenridge is almost twice the altitude of the Denver area, so winter here lasts a lot longer. If you’re a fan of skiing and anything to do with snow, then Breckenridge is a great choice. Generally, spring starts in May, but snow in early June is not unheard of, and if it’s a cool spring, then there can be snow on the ground even into late June.

Even the summers in the backcountry are temperate, with highs rarely hitting the upper 70’s. The riot of wildflowers usually starts right after the 4th of July and gives way in early September when the aspens start turning amber and gold. By mid-October, snowfall is generally in the forecast, and it is game on for winter fun from there. 

My best advice is to be flexible about days and dates. Look for your location before you pick your date if possible, because your choices will vastly increase. Also, don’t forget that midweek weddings and elopements can be much easier to plan because weekend dates go fast.

And speaking of weekends here’s something you might not know if you’ve never been to this area; traffic on the weekends on I-70 to Denver can be a huge nightmare, and getting stuck for hours if there is an accident or snowstorm can happen. Take my advice and plan on getting to your location at least a few days before!

Vow Ceremony Breckenridge Elopement Guide and Spots


If you’ve seen photos of mountains bathed in a rosy pink hue at sunrise and sunset, that’s a phenomenon that only happens in some regions of the world, and we’re lucky enough to be one of those places here in Colorado. Alpenglow is the German word for “Apl Glow” and is most prevalent when the mountains are covered in snow, and the weather is calm and with few clouds.

Because Breckenridge is located between two ranges, as I mentioned, there can be lots of crazy beautiful locations to catch an alpenglow, both at sunrise and sunset. However, I always recommend sunrise because it’s so quiet and beautiful, and there’s less chance of meeting up with hikers and tourists. 

Bride and Groom Breckenridge Elopement Guide and Spots



This might be hard to believe, but Colorado has over 2,000 alpine lakes! Breckenridge has some of the better ones within the front range of Colorado and you’ll be sure to catch some early morning reflections, wild flowers and even wild life!

Bride and Groom Hugging Breckenridge Elopement Guide and Spots


Another great thing about Breckenridge is the abundance of places to get  water photos by an epic waterfall.  If you want to get married near a rushing waterfall, then there are a few locations that look great year-round and others that are more weather/rainfall dependent that we can talk about.

Bride and Groom Hugging Breckenridge Elopement Guide and Spots


Sapphire Point makes things easy. It’s super accessible, so if you have friends or family members who aren’t up to a hardcore hike, it’s a great choice. They are one of the few locations that allows you to choose a specific time and date, most other locations just give you the permit, and you have to cross your fingers that it’s not busy.


North of Breckenridge towards Frisco, Rivertree has a ceremony site tucked away in the pine-filled woods that feels private and has the amenities of on-site log cabins for your guests. If you’re looking for a really rustic look with nearby mountains and streams without a lot of tourists, give Rivertree a look.


Between Breckenridge and Fairplay, the highest point on HWY 9 is Hoosier Pass. It’s usually a little less crowded than nearby Boreas Pass and not as difficult to get to which can be important if timing is an issue.The location has epic mountain and lake views. You can cross country ski here in the winter and hike the trails nearby in the summer months.


If you’re looking for a wedding or elopement off the beaten path, Boreas has it all. It’s a  dirt road to Como on HWY 45, but it’s only accessible when the weather is good, and you’ll need a 4 wheel drive with good clearance.

Once up there, the views are excellent on the summit, and you will rarely see another soul. There are so many hiking trails up there, you can choose your own adventure, and we can hike until we find the perfect spot.


This bold blue reservoir is tucked right between the Ten Mile and Gore Mountain ranges. It’s a vast lake, and with the peaks topping around it out at 14,000 feet, there are so many photo opportunities in this area it always makes my photographer heart pitter-patter a bit! We can hike in a bit if you want to find a secluded place, or you can also take advantage of the boat rentals and get hitched on the water with a mountain view.


You can’t get married here, but it’s a killer location for photos. Ice blue and white tones and beautiful caves are a unique place for portraits of the wedding couple, but I don’t recommend bringing your wedding party if you have one. It’s a busy place, and you have to sign up for a time online, but it sure makes for some unique photos. The caves are generally open December through April.


After we take some fantastic photos of your day, it’s time to celebrate!  Some couples will elect to bring in a private chef right to their AirBnB, which can really keep the intimate vibe going.  You can even indulge in hiring a small waitstaff who will serve and clean up!

Vow Ceremony Breckenridge Elopement guide and Spots


I’ve put together a comprehensive guide of all the information you will need to know more about Colorado Elopements here.  It goes over everything from how to plan, where to get hitched, and everything you need to know about eloping here. Check it out, and then let’s talk about your plans!

Grooms at Alpine Lake Colorado Elopement Guide and Spots



My name is Sean, and I can’t wait to help create your Colorado adventure elopement! I’m a Colorado-based free spirit who has dedicated my life to exploring this wild world and connecting to the people in it.

I know firsthand what an important and personal decision this is—my wife and I eloped to Northern Ireland. You’re trusting me to capture this amazing day, and I make it my responsibility to make sure you have an incredible experience from start to finish.

My passion has led me here, where I can follow my heart and share my love for the outdoors with others on their wedding day. It’s truly an awesome experience, and I’m stoked every time I get to document your day.

When I’m not photographing couples, I love to go exploring with my wife and our corgi. Our dream is to own an Airstream and take Vows and Peaks on the road!

Sound like the perfect match? Reach out so we can get started on your epic elopement!

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