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Ultimate 2022 Colorado Elopement Packages

Bride and Groom Colorado Elopement Packages


Are you on the search for an epic mountain elopement? My Colorado elopement package will make sure that you start the next chapter of your story in an unforgettable and authentic way! The best news for you? Colorado elopements are my freaking bread and butter. I’ve hiked the trails and chased the mountain sunrises—and I’m sharing my passion with you. I know the best spots, the perfect time of day to capture the light, the most epic mountain locations, and (shh, let’s keep this between us) those hidden gems. I’ve teamed up with vendors who get what eloping is all about, so I’ve got Colorado elopements down to a science. Simply put: I’m your Colorado elopement expert!

As your photographer and professional elopement ninja, I’m here to guide you through the entire process. I’m invested in my couples and want to build a real connection with you, so take your time to read through what I offer—I want you to be 100 percent sold on adventuring in the mountains with me. Already stoked to lace up those boots and plan your epic day? Contact me to get started on your ultimate Colorado elopement package!

Bride and Groom Holding Hands Colorado Mountain Elopement Packages


You know what it isn’t? A drive-thru Vegas quickie with Elvis officiating. I mean, it can be that—go live your truth, folks!—but elopements look different today. Elopement means celebrating your marriage in a way that fulfills and inspires you. It’s about starting your lives with a big adventure and having a true, authentic wedding day that you’ll never regret!

Elopements eliminate all the stress that comes with giant, traditional weddings and puts the focus back where it belongs—on you, your partner, and your lives together. My elopement package is set up for you to bask in the mountain air while focusing your energy where it really matters: on yourselves!

“The day wasn’t just about our commitment to each other, it was about experiencing a moment in time that no one else would understand, nestled in the Colorado mountains we cherish so much. The pictures were an added bonus – a bonus we will cherish for the rest of our lives.”

– Vee & Joe

Bride and Groom Alpine Lake Colorado Mountain Elopement Packages
Bride and Groom at Colorado Elopement


  • $5,500 with payment plans available.
  • FULL DAY COVERAGE: Mountain elopements are so much more than a first look and a ceremony. When your big day arrives, I’m there every step of the way. From the sunrise alpenglow, I’ll capture every moment, from the epic shots to the detailed portraits.
    • WHY DO YOU ONLY OFFER FULL-DAY COVERAGE? Because it’s about telling your love story in a book rather than one rushed chapter!
  • COLORADO ELOPEMENT GUIDE AND RESOURCES: When I say each Colorado elopement totally customized to you, I mean it. Through unlimited consultations and planning assistance, I’ll scout locations, create a custom timeline, and share a 62 page Colorado elopement guide, packing lists, and preferred vendor recommendations!
  • ONLINE GALLERY:  You receive fully edited, full-resolution photos with a sharable link and unlimited downloads.
  • MAP AND PERMIT INFORMATION: One of the first steps in planning your Colorado package: deciding on where you’re going to do the damn thing! After that, I’ll arm you with all the necessary information on maps and permits so we are following the rules and LNT guidelines. Check out more information about permits below!
  • PREFERRED VENDORS: I’ve teamed up with a team of vendors that specialize in Colorado elopements. These are the people I’ve worked with and trust at those 3 am wake-up calls!
  • NEXT DAY TEASERS: Let’s face it. We live in a world of Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. You can share your news far and wide with sneak peak photos delivered to you the very next day!

“From the very first contact with Sean, he made us feel welcomed over the phone and like we had known him for years. He spoke with us like a long-time friend but extremely professional and sympathetic as well. He didn’t try to sell us, instead, he listened and asked the perfect questions to make sure this was the best day possible. From the very first consultation, we knew Sean was definitely the one.”

– Brandon & Alexis

Bride and Groom Vow Ceremony Colorado Mountain Elopement Packages


  1. Colorado is one of the few states where you can legally marry yourselves! In short, that means you don’t need an officiant to legally get married in Colorado. You can literally marry yourselves without anyone else but your friendly neighborhood photographer.
  2. Be prepared for those mountain roads. Some roads can be windy, rough, require clearance and be intimidating. Be sure to add 15-20 minutes onto whatever GPS estimates, so you are on time and aren’t rushing!
  3. Trails can be confusing. I would suggest pre downloading trails before setting out on your Colorado elopement. This will ensure that are on time but also safe! You can download maps via AllTrails if you have a subscription.
  4. Colorado has some of the country’s best open venues for your wedding. You can choose to elope to a designated spot, or we can search out a more secluded area for your vow ceremony. I’ll help you narrow down the choices because the options are infinite!
  5. Summer trails in Colorado are POPULAR! Your best bet to find seclusion and privacy for your Colorado elopement is by planning a mid-week wedding day to avoid the weekend warriors.

“Between the different lighting throughout the day, the beautiful views of the mountains, and Sean’s supportive, easy-going nature when directing us during pictures gifted us with quite literally some of the prettiest photos we’ve ever seen. Every part of the day felt so organic and so wonderful, we highly recommend Sean for your Colorado elopement!”

– Jessica & Cole

Bride and Groom Vow Ceremony at Sunrise Colorado Mountain Elopement Packages
Bride and Groom in Colorado Mountains


  1. You don’t have to hike to have an awesome elopement. There are plenty of other adventurous activities you can include on your Colorado elopement. Jeeping, rock climbing, paddle boarding or backpacking are just a few ideas!
  2. Peak wildflower season in Colorado is bonkers! Picture meadows awash in rainbow colors and pale blue Columbine (our state flower!) hiding in sun-dappled forests. The best time to catch the wild flowers is June through mid-August, when the snow melts in the high terrain.
  3. The elevations here are no joke—it’s what makes our mountains so rad! About 75 percent of Colorado is above 10,000 feet, so plan to arrive a few days early so you can acclimate to the altitude! (A great option is Denver. At 5,280 feet, it’s a vibrant city to chill for a few days while you get used to our thinner air.)
  4. Are you an avid backpacker? These are some of the favorite adventure elopements to document! Colorado has some of the best overnight trips in the country, from single nights to multi-day trips. We’ll choose the perfect spot along the trail to share your vows and celebrate truly surrounded by nature. You wont find better scenery—I guarantee it!
  5. Colorado is huge and has so many different areas to explore. Most of my couples fly into DIA and start their trip off in Denver. You will have more options if you’re willing to drive further and or fly into a smaller airport. Luckily for you, I work with all my couples to make sure they are well versed in all of the options. And who doesn’t like options?

“The day of our of Colorado elopement was the best day of our lives. Sean made the elopement special – he wasn’t just there to capture our moments but to guide us through the unknown. He provided us a safe place to be us and have a blast on our first day being MARRIED! When he says he is an elopmemt ninja, he is not joking y’all! This man was hoping from rock to rock, on the edge of a lake of the mountain, in order to capture the perfect photo! Incredible isn’t a strong enough word to describe the day we shared with Sean!”

– Ashley & Kyle

Bride and Groom Vow Ceremony at Blue Lake Colorado Mountain Elopement Packages
Vow Ceremony at Colorado Elopement


Whether you love the rugged mountain peaks, secluded alpine lakes, deep forests, high plains, rivers, sand dunes, waterfalls, or even the iconic 14ers, Colorado has it all.

I’m like your elopement matchmaker—connecting super cool couples with super cool spots. I’m especially passionate about helping couples find those off-the-beaten-path, hidden gems for exchanging vows. It’s just one of the ways your Colorado elopement package is absolutely customized to you. In fact, the majority of my elopements shared online are dreamy spots the couples had no idea about!

“During our elopement in Colorado, Sean was the best hype man anyone could ask for! He showered me with compliments and made sure to capture all those special moments up on the mountain. Sean made us feel comfortable and helped create a day that we will never forget thanks to the hundreds of photos! I couldn’t ask for better photos, they made my entire family feel like they were there even though they were not!”

– Jobie & Anthony

Want to get a taste of what you can expect when we adventure together? Check out my list of favorite places to elope in Colorado here!

Bride and Groom Holding Hands Colorado Mountain Elopement Packages


  • You can reserve special spots more easily. Many gorgeous elopement spots in National Parks and on private lands require reservations and can book up to a year in advance on weekends. Even some of my favorite local spots are slammed on the weekends. On weekdays it is much easier to nab these spots!
  • You deserve to take time off for your Colorado elopement! If you work a Monday through Friday gig, you definitely have the right to take a few days off for your elopement! Enjoy an outdoor ceremony out in stunning nature mid-week, and then take the weekend as a honeymoon to celebrate and rejuvenate married AF!
  • More vendors are available and affordable. Photographers, videographers, caterers, etc. all book up far in advance on weekends, especially in the small mountain towns around epic nature locations.  But on weekdays vendors are usually available, and some even will have special deals!
  • A weekday elopement in Colorado will give you and your partner maximum peace and quiet as you experience the natural beauty around you on the most important day of your life! You won’t have to worry about a million tourists stopping to take photos on their iPad’s. You’ll get to explore your favorite spot without extra eyes on you and you’ll get more amazing photos as well!

“While, everything was perfect, the company was even better. Sean took the time to build a relationship with us. He was outgoing, personable, and so down to earth. He made it a point to make us feel comfortable. Ultimately, I feel as if we walked away married and with a new friend. I’ll ever be able to express enough gratitude for Sean saving our day and giving us the best Colorado elopement experience!”

– Macy & Robbie

Bride and Groom Lake Reflections Colorado Mountain Elopement Packages
Bride and Groom at Sunrise Colorado Elopement


If photography is important to you (you wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t!), you’ll want to have your ceremony in the morning or evening to capture the best light.

Sunrise in the mountains might be the most beautiful, calm, crowd-less part of the day. Your elopement will be truly secluded as you say your vows surrounded by the morning alpenglow, the rising sun reflecting off the alpine lakes. The only downside to sunrise is an obvious one—the early wake-up time! But you can’t beat the calmness and intimacy.

I also love sunset, as the sun dips below the mountain peaks and lights up the sky in a dreamy palette to the western slopes. The biggest plus to choosing sunset is your ability to sleep in. If alarm clocks terrify you, then this might be the best option!

Be sure to check out the sunrise and sunset times when considering ceremony times.

“We ended going on a sunrise hike with Sean and read our vows to each other and exchanged rings in this beautiful spot for our elopement in Colorado. Sean is an amazing guy very energetic and a fun companion to have trek alongside you taking pictures of your big day. This was a 10/10 experience and not to mention the photos were perfect in every way.”

– Cody & Michelle

Bride and Groom Kissing Colorado Mountain Elopement Packages


Let’s face it. Weddings are pricey! And even though elopements are cheaper than traditional weddings, you still have to budget your travel and vendor expenses. In the end, the only person that can decide on the cost of their Colorado elopement is YOU!

My wife likes to call budgeting the “B word” and for good reason, because no one wants to talk about it! I suggest you start off with a list of things that you envision being included in your day. Stuff you might want to consider:

    • $0 – $250 – Some places in Colorado are free, while National Parks require permits up to $250.
    • $250 – $350 – Most of my sunrise couples skip hair and makeup so they can get the extra 2 hours of sleep.
    • $30
    • $0 – $400 – Most of my couples skip the officiant or ask a friend or family member to help.
    • $200 – $400 – You can enjoy the awesome restaurant scene in Colorado or even hire a private chef to cook you up an amazing meal at your AirBnb.
    • $275 – $1500 – This is really depends on if you’re getting a single bouquet or getting the works. Totally up to the couple!
    • Airfare, car rental, hotels, Uber, etc. – An easy to way to save money on lodging is by splitting it with friends and family if you’re having guest.

After you’ve come up with your list, then it’s time to narrow down things you consider “must-haves” for your Colorado elopement package. Are there some things you are not willing to cut out? In Colorado, you can budget pretty simple and do a lot of things yourself like your hair and makeup, florals or you skip out on the officiant since it isn’t required.

According to The Knot, the average cost of a wedding in Colorado is $30,000. Luckily for you, the average Colorado elopement can average from $6,000 to $20,000 depending on your vision and a number of scenarios!

“From the first time we met to the end of the elopement day Sean was one step ahead of the game with planning everything from timeline to location and everything in between. Working with Sean gave us such a stress-free way to still enjoy our special day, and Sean was prepared for anything and everything along the way. Sean made our day perfect, and shot some of the most incredible pictures out there.”

– Virginia & Cody

Bride and Groom by Alpine Lake Colorado Elopement Packages


Colorado elopements are super easy, but it’s still important to know all of the rules and legalities before setting out on your big adventure. Check out some of the most important Colorado elopement laws below!

  • According to Colorado state law, couples are required to apply in person for their marriage license at the local County Clerk’s office. Most counties (like Denver) will still allow you to fill out your application online. Then, you’ll need to make an appointment to appear in person.
  • Make sure to plan ahead – these appointments only open 28 days in advance, so book yours quickly to ensure it fits into your travel plans!
  • Colorado’s marriage license does not have a waiting period. After you get your marriage license, you can literally pop out that same day and be legally married in Colorado!
  • What a deal, the cost for a marriage license in Colorado is $30! Be sure to ask for a sample marriage license that you can use for reference. It helps to eliminate mistakes!
  • Once you get your marriage license, your ceremony needs to take place within 35 days, and the license must be completed and returned within 65!
  • Turning in and filing your marriage license is pretty easy. A hard copy of your license needs to be delivered via in-person, US Mail or deposited into a local dropbox.

“Sean is just an amazing person! He genuinely cares about the couples and making sure they have the perfect day. He was so easy to talk to, never made us feel rushed, uncomfortable, etc. After about 10 minutes of meeting him, it felt like we had known him forever! If you want an incredible elopement experience, with minimal planning required on your part, amazing photos that capture every detail and every emotion of the day, and the coolest, sweetest, most chill guy to spend the day with you, choose Vows and Peaks for your Colorado elopement!”

– Jill & Brent

Bride and Groom Kissing Colorado Mountain Elopement Packages


If you’re doing a hike in the mountains for your elopement in Colorado, then I recommend packing your clothes and gear into a backpacking backpack beforehand — these can generally fit a suit, your dress, shoes, champagne, flowers, and all of your accessories.

Some things you might want to consider wearing:


Boots in the mountains are a must for everyone! Forget your high heels; this is mountain country! Not only are boots much safer, but they also make for amazing photos. 

Buy the best boots you can afford, and make sure to break them in before the big day. I would also suggest pairing your boots with some comfortable socks to avoid blisters. You will never regret spending money on good boots; you can use them for many adventures to come!


Think exploration, adventuring, and moving when looking for a wedding dress. Find a dress that you feel great in, feel great about, and are okay with getting a little dirty. In the mountains, we could have some wind, so think about how the gown moves, too. 

I love a big flowy EPIC dress with the mountains! Don’t you want that? Yes, you do; that’s why you chose an elopement in Colorado! We can save the wild and tumble stuff for the end of the session; you can literally let your hair down if you want.


There are no rules when it comes to a Colorado elopement. Don’t like a suit, or just don’t want to wear one? No problem. Rock whatever you want, but do think about your photos. Wear something stylish that you feel good about, making it easy for you to adventure around the mountains.

I’ve seen guys look relaxed and casual in jeans and a linen jacket or kick-it lumberjack style with a sharp-looking buffalo plaid shirt and suspenders. Going casual does not mean it won’t look awesome in your photos. 


Elopements in Colorado can have unpredictable and changeable weather. Having layers will allow you to be prepared for anything that comes your way. I suggest making sure you have room in your backpack for a rain jacket, windbreaker, gloves, hats, and even leggings or running tights. 

The layers will allow you to feel comfortable while we hike in or if the weather changes quickly (Welcome to Colorado!). Look for fabrics that wick away moisture or that are good insulators. This will keep you warm while helping you avoid blisters.

Check out local weather information here so you are prepared for all the elements leading up to your Colorado elopement.


Are you ready to make an already stylish elopement outfit that much cooler? Top off your backpack with sunglasses, hats, suspenders, vow books, and anything else that would make your day extra fun and photos extra special. Don’t be afraid to take your elopement in Colorado to the next level!

Check out this blog for things you should pack for your elopement.


Kick up your boots and enjoy the ride. It’s always great working with folks who are passionate about making sure your day goes smoothly and that you have a great time! A good elopement vendor is worth their weight in gold! I’ve paired up with these RAD folks because I know that they will help make your Colorado elopement package go extra special.

Here are some of the vendor options I can provide you with my Colorado elopement package.


Photo and video go together like peanut butter and jelly. If you’re planning something as unique as a Colorado elopement, you want to remember every moment. Having an experienced elopement videographer is a must!

I can hook you up with some epically talented videographers who are a perfect fit for my photography style. This means that years down the road, you have the stills that capture the emotion in time and the video that gives you the sounds and feeling of what the day was like.


Flowers can add different colors and really elevate the photos of an elopement day. There’s so much to take inspiration from here in the mountains, and these florists will help you pinpoint exactly what you want with consultations and mood boards. This is a great opportunity to get something creative on your Colorado elopement!


Just because you are trekking up a mountain, doesn’t mean you should skip out on pampering yourself. These guys work with you to create natural looks that make you look like YOU.

It can be windy up in the mountains, so some well-placed bobby pins and hairspray can be a lifesaver. The vendors I work with also don’t mind a 3 AM wake-up call to get you ready in time for your sunrise elopement!


Probably one of my favorite vendors for Colorado elopements. They’ll source local and help you come up with a private menu just for YOU! When you have an elopement, put your money where it makes YOU happy. And it’s more affordable than you might think; way less than a fancy restaurant that is packed with other people. Cheers to that!


When it comes to sweets and cakes, I’m not going to sugarcoat it; I’m serious about them. I’m a believer that if you are going to indulge, make it SO worth it. It’s a special day, so let’s GO FOR IT and make it nothing but the best.

From cookies to pie to any kind of dessert you are looking for, I’ve got you covered with the area’s best dessert vendors. Just make sure you save a piece for me!

Bride and Groom Celebrating Colorado Mountain Elopement Packages
Sunrise Colorado Elopement


When my wife and I eloped, we found the most amazing, cozy little cottage in Ireland, and it really did make for some of the most special memories from our day! I think you should pick the place you spend your first married night together with care.

I’m always down to help my couples find the perfect lodging to elevate their Colorado elopement experience. This is especially important when I am helping couples from out of state, because they may not realize how far apart locations are or how remote some areas can be!

From amazing AirBnb’s to cozy cottages to freaking EPIC multi-million dollar homes built into the mountainside, Colorado has literally every kind of lodging you can imagine (and some you could not have imagined!). Let’s find you the place that fits your vibe and aesthetic while keeping any logistics or travel issues in mind.

Some things to consider:

  • How far is your lodging from your ceremony spot? It’s important to keep your drive times down so you can be fresh for your big day. This is especially important for couples doing sunrise elopements in Colorado.
  • Make it epic! Colorado has some of the best lodging choices in the US. You’re spoiled with cabins galore and scenic views that will blow your mind! It’s important to be creative when searching for lodging.
  • If you have your elopement where you are lodging, make sure that they allow events. Also, take into consideration; is there room for your vendors? How about parking? Do you need to pay extra for special events?
  • Look for the light! It will just make you happy and excited to see that light pouring into the room or a fantastic view to gaze out on while you sip a cocktail after your elopement in the Colorado mountains.

These are just a few suggestions for your lodging. The important thing is that your Colorado elopement has as many elements as possible that feel like “you” so you feel like the day is extra special. Trust me that shows in the photos!

“Not only is Sean an EPIC photographer but he is super friendly and he helped us plan our special day from 1200 miles away. He actively listened to our goals for the day, he gave us several options for locations and vendors, put together itineraries, added cool ideas, and was in touch with us through text and calls every step of the way!” Our Colorado elopement was so special and was essentially worry-free largely because of the time and effort Sean put in before we arrived in Colorado.”

– Jen & Kyle

Bride and Groom Hugging Colorado Mountain Elopement Packages


One thing is for certain: Mountain elopements in Colorado can have some very unpredictable weather. It can be snowing one day and in the high 70s the next, and summer brings frequent—but short!—afternoon rains in the high elevations. And if you don’t like the weather, just wait 5 minutes!

But seriously, if bad weather is a big concern for your Colorado elopement then read the tips below:

  • Colorado is notorious for afternoon showers, which means that planning around a sunrise elopement automatically gives you a better chance of clear weather in the mountains.
  • Have a good backup plan and set expectations accordingly. Having a backup spot and the option to move around your timeline will go a long way in keeping you happy and dry. My suggestion? Move your timeline around the forecast before or after the storm comes a-knocking.
  • Embrace it! When my wife and I eloped, we had rain all day and our photos turned out so unique & dramatic! Bonus point: Photos with rainbows – can’t get rainbows without rain.
  • Be prepared! Keep an eye on the forecast and bring appropriate clothing. Rain jackets, waterproof boots, clear umbrellas, and hand warmers will always be lifesavers in the mountains.
  • Not a big fan of the heat? The weather in the mountains warm up throughout the day, so avoiding an afternoon elopement in Colorado might be best. Not only will sunrise have cooler temps but you’ll sweat less and get to rock a headlamp!

At the end of the day, there’s no such thing as good weather or bad weather. There’s just weather and your attitude towards it. Your Colorado elopement will be great no matter the weather!

Are you into those snow-capped peaks for your Colorado elopement? Read more about eloping in the winter.

“Sean was the perfect person to guide us through our most beautiful and unforgettable day in Colorado! He’s your guide, he’s your planner, he finds epic photo spots, and ideas to tailor your day to you!”

– Zach & Mayra

Bride and Groom Hiking in the Rain Colorado Mountain Elopement Packages


Respecting the wild and keeping Colorado beautiful is super important to local Coloradans. The original Estes Park conservation group once made declared: “Those who pull flowers up by their roots will be condemned by all worthy people.” But there are many things you can do beyond not picking wild flowers. Why? Because following the Leave No Trace ethics is the most important thing to remember when planning out your elopement in Colorado.

There are SEVEN ethics in LNT that everyone should follow. Below are some examples that are expected on each Colorado elopement:

  • Avoid geo-tagging your elopement spot. Tagged photos are leading to the overcrowding and destruction of fragile places for photos on the “gram”. Protecting places from being overrun and crowded is super important.
  • Using biodegradable products and leaving things how you found them.
  • Staying on the marked trail and avoiding sensitive open tundra and wildflowers.
  • Respect the wildlife. Don’t feed or approach the wildlife in the mountains.
  • Plan ahead and be prepared. Much like weather can be unpredictable, nature can be unexpected as well.
  • And one of the golden rules: If you pack it in, then you pack it out! This goes for your poop as well.

Nature is giving you this big connection on your Colorado elopement, so I ask all of my couples to be respectful and treat the earth right! LNT isn’t for shaming people. It’s for educating!

Do you still have questions about Leave No Trace for your Colorado elopement? Reach out for the crash course!


Colorado is notorious for requiring permits to elope or get married. Places like National Parks and some wilderness areas will definitely require a permit, while more secluded places off the beaten path don’t require anything at all. These rules tend to change from year to year as areas become more popular, so staying up to date on permits is important. But don’t worry: I’ll handle the research as part of your elopement package, so you’ll be well prepared with all the necessary information!

Some other things to consider with your Colorado elopement permit:

  • You should only get married in the designated spots and times you are assigned for on the permit.
  • Make sure to read over all of the rules on your permit. Most places in Colorado do not allow banners, steamers, or hanging objects.
  • All permits require that the Leave No Trace principles and practices be followed for all elopements that take place. This includes cleaning up the area and leaving it as you found it.
  • You should always carry your permit or emailed response from the ranger with you on your elopement day. This is important in case you are stopped and asked to show proof of a permit.
  • BONUS: Elopement permits are always going to be cheaper than venues!

Bride and Groom Hiking Colorado Mountain Elopement Packages



“Sean made the moments special – he wasn’t just there to capture our moments but to guide us through the mountains. He provided us a safe place to be us and have a blast on our first day being MARRIED! When he says he is an elopmemt ninja, he is not joking y’all! This man was hoping from rock to rock, on the edge of a lake, in order to capture the perfect photo in the mountains!”


“Have you ever had a dream that was so good when you woke up you tried to go back to sleep really fast in order to pick up where you left off? Well, that’s what it feels like eloping in the mountains with Sean! We initially chose Sean for his amazing photos, but he was so much more than our photographer – he was our coordinator, elopement guide, and hype man. Our Colorado elopement was magical and everything we dreamed of – and we could not have asked for a better person to be there with us.”


“Sean makes it so easy to be yourself, and my husband is NOT a picture taker! He had an uncanny ability to sit back, let us exist amongst the scenery, and capture the most real moments. Elopement Ninja doesn’t feel like an adequate title and 5 stars feels like too few.  It was like talking to an old friend, comfortable and exciting! I would recommend Sean to anyone hoping to make their Colorado elopement the absolute best day!”


“Sean’s communication was impeccable and elopement day detailed itinerary was an OCD freaks dream. He kept in contact for months leading up to the big day and was super communicative in the days before. When our elopement day came, I didn’t know if I was more excited for the photos or to meet Sean!”


“The resources and vendors Sean provided throughout the process were wonderful – from pack lists to location ideas and vendor recommendations. He organized everything in such a palatable way, we never felt overwhelmed but we always had all of the information we needed for our Colorado elopement. Sean provided us with so many vendor recommendations, which I ended up using all of them!”


If there’s on thing that’s true about Colorado, we love our dogs. I also have this dream business where I rent out dogs on all elopements for couples who don’t have their own. Why? Because A) I love dogs and B) I watching how happy dogs make my couples. Dogs make the world a better place and they should absolutely be included on your Colorado elopement.

With that being said, there are a few things to keep in mind before heading out with your pup on your Colorado elopement.

  • Find a dog friendly spot – this includes finding trails that are suitable for your dogs experience
  • Have someone help out with the pup so you can enjoy your day – this is especially helpful during the first look and vow ceremony
  • Follow all of the proper LNT rules when it comes to pets
  • Keep your dog on a leash – this protects your dog from predators and being a predator

Follow these rules and you and your pup will get plenty of awesome quality time together and some awesome photos to look back on forever. Win-win-win, baby!

Bride and Groom With Their Dog Colorado Mountain Elopement Packages


My name is Sean, and I can’t wait to help create your elopement package! I’m a Colorado-based free spirit who has dedicated my life to exploring this wild world and connecting to the people in it.

I know firsthand what an important and personal decision this is—my wife and I eloped to Northern Ireland. You’re trusting me to capture this amazing day, and I make it my responsibility to make sure you have an incredible experience from start to finish!

My passion has led me here, where I can follow my heart and share my love for the outdoors with others on their wedding day. It’s truly an awesome experience, and I’m stoked every time I get to guide and document your day!

When I’m not photographing couples, I love to go exploring the mountains of Colorado with my wife and our corgi.

Sound like the perfect match? Reach out so we can get started on your epic Colorado elopement package!

Vows and Peaks Colorado Elopement Packages
Your Colorado Elopement Ninja