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I fell in love with Olympic National Park the first time I visited 4 years ago. The different climates were exciting, beautiful and full of adventure. You had choices between rain forests, giant old trees or the beautiful coastal beaches surrounding the park. It was a beautiful place to a explore and an even better place to elope! When Jacqueline and Ryan reached out to me about capturing their elopement, I jumped at the opportunity to go back to this beautiful place!

These two planned such a beautiful day in Olympic National Park that included their family and then some adventure time afterwards where we explored the lush rain forests and waterfalls near Lake Crescent. Some couples prefer to do their elopements themselves but others want to include their families. There are really no rules with eloping. Create your vision and stick it out!

The three of us started out with the first look at Lake Crescent, followed by an early morning stroll around the lake as we took in the reflections. It was such a beautiful start to the morning, especially with these two photogenic souls!

First Look Lake Crescent Olympic National Park Elopement
First Look Lake Crescent Olympic National Park Elopement
Bride and Groom at Lake Crescent Olympic National Park Elopement
Bride and Groom at Lake Crescent Olympic National Park Elopement

We then walked over to Bovee’s Meadow, near Lake Crescent Lodge, where their family and friends were waiting for them for their intimate ceremony. They shared their vows and participated in an ageless Celtic cord ceremony, where they tied braided rope around their hands, tightly clasped together. Following their ceremony, they shared donuts and we then set out for our hike!

First Kiss Olympic National Park Elopement

Our hike was one of the most magical and and whimsical places I've been in Olympic National Park! The wild forest was something out of a Dr. Seuss book. The lush and vibrant green moss surrounded us as we roamed around the forest. We stopped at every opportunity so Jacqueline and Ryan could embrace beneath the towering old growth forests for photos. Olympic National Park is known for some of the wildest natural growth in the United States and it's woodsy feel gave you a sense of comfort as we hiked up to Marymere Falls on their elopement day.

Bride and Groom hiking in forest at  Olympic National Park Elopement
 Bride and Groom kissing in forest at  Olympic National Park Elopement

The entire elopement day was full of adventure and we didn’t want it to end. There is something about small family elopements that I absolutely adore photographing. These two made such an incredible day for themselves and I was so incredibly blessed to have been able to capture their love story!


My name is Sean, and I can’t wait to help create your Olympic National Park adventure elopement! I’m a free spirit who has dedicated my life to exploring this wild world and connecting to the people in it.

I know firsthand what an important and personal decision this is—my wife and I eloped to Northern Ireland. You’re trusting me to capture this amazing day, and I make it my responsibility to make sure you have an incredible experience from start to finish.

My passion has led me here, where I can follow my heart and share my love for the outdoors with others on their wedding day. It’s truly an awesome experience, and I’m stoked every time I get to document your day.

When I’m not photographing couples, I love to go exploring with my wife and our corgi. Our dream is to own an Airstream and take Vows and Peaks on the road!

Sound like the perfect match? Reach out so we can get started on your epic elopement!

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