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Elopement Pack List

Have you recently told friends or family that you plan to elope only to be met with hesitation and even more questions? The word “elope” causes most people to have a vision of throwing caution to the wind, running away from problems, and being irresponsible, but I guess we have movies and tradition for that. But, it’s 2019 and just because someone is eloping doesn’t mean there are problems they’re running away from or planning that doesn’t need to happen.

Just like everything else in life, you will need to do a little planning for your elopement, too! This is the ultimate checklist for what you’ll want to pack for your special day!


You can’t forget one of the most important features of your elopement!  
Lot’s of girls pack their dress away in a backpack and change when we get to the ceremony spot. So consider getting a lightweight gown style dress try and avoid the heavier materials so you can be in comfort on your big day!

Big Sur Ocean Elopement Wedding Dress
Rocky Mountain National Park Elopement Wedding Dress


Let’s face it: Hiking through the mountains, walking through sand, it’s not going to be very easy if you’re in uncomfortable shoes! Are you hiking for a portion of your elopement? Good solid footwear with actual tread is very important when walking and hiking on your elopement day. You will want shoes or boots with enough support to get you through your hike comfortably.

But maybe boots aren’t your jam, though, don’t worry. You can always hike up the trail in your boots and switch into some fancy shoes at your destination! If you opt for changing shoes – they still need to have tread for safety!

Scotland Hiking Boots Elopement Pack List
Comfy Shoes for Your Elopement is Key
Hiking Boots Colorado Elopement Pack List
Hiking Boots for Your Adventure Elopement
Hiking Boots Yosmite Elopement Pack List


Timeliness is key for your big day! Elopements usually last from about 4-6 hours depending on what you include on your day. If good photography is important, you’ll want to avoid the mid day hours, from 10-3, when the light is harsh and blown out. Are you wanting to catch the morning alpenglow? Early morning is my favorite lighting but some people may not want to get up early and get married. So maybe you’ll want the romantic later afternoon until sunset photos to catch those hues and purples lighting up the sky.

There are lots of different times to take photos for your elopement but being on time to catch the best light is something that should always be considered for the best photos and avoiding the crowds!

Cliffs of Moher Ireland Elopement Pack List
Sunrise at the Cliffs of Moher


Depending on how long you’re going to be out on your adventure elopement, choosing the right food on a hike and packing enough water is key to tackling any trail! If you’re going to be longer, pack a few snacks or even a small treat to enjoy post-nuptials.

The best foods to take hiking are those that are carb, protein and fat driven. The foods that give you energy without making you feel full or weighing you down. Peanut butter, cliff bars, beef jerky and trail mix are some of my favorite snacks for the trail!

Being prepared with food and water is especially important for those doing hiking elopements! REI recommends a half liter of water per hour of activity. Staying hydrated is key and will keep you energized and feeling great in the altitude!

Moab Elopement Celebration Drinks Pack List
White Claws for Celebration Drinks
Rocky Mountain National Park Hiking  Elopement Pack List
Camel Backs for Hiking Elopements


Keeping your rings safe during your adventure elopement is something that should be at the top of your priority list! Find a place that will keep the ring safe and hidden until the special moment.

A good option for couples is packing the ring box in a rolled up sock for extra padding and putting it in your backpack or bag! This keeps the box protected but also allows you to find it easily with the extra size of the sock. Or you can ask a friend or family member to hold onto the jewels. Whatever method you feel the most safe and comfortable using!

Wedding Rings for Elopement Pack List
Wedding Rings
Wedding Ring Box Elopement Pack List
Wedding Ring Box


As the couple getting married, there are a few crucial items that you should add to your elopement packing list. One of the most important ones is those special words you exchange with each other. Especially if you wrote your own vows, be sure to put them in a safe place like your coat pocket so you won’t forget or misplace them!

The vow ceremony is the most special part of an elopement outside of the ring exchange and first kiss, so it’s best to be prepared and organized.

PRO TIP: Writing your vows on a piece of paper or in a book look much better for photos than on your phone or tablet!

Vow Ceremony Olympic National Park Elopement Pack List
Rocky Mountain National Park Sunrise Elopement Pack List
Vow Ceremony in Rocky Mountain National Park


Eloping shouldn’t stop you from having a beautiful bridal bouquet. There are plenty of online flower shops which have ready to go bouquets, or you can go with a local florist or even make your own bouquet! You have plenty of options for having beautiful flowers on your special day. BUT remember to keep in mind the season you are eloping as the florist generally use flowers that are in season. It’s better to be prepared and have realistic exceptions so you aren’t disappointed with the color options!

Flowers at Oregon Waterfall Elopement Pack List
Hiking with your bouquet is an options!
Olympic National Park Flowers Elopement Pack List
Beautiful Elopement Bouquet
Waterfall Colorado Elopement


There is no better way to cap off an epic day than with some bubbles! Shake that bottle up and shoot off some celebration! I also offer free bubbles for couples that book elopements within Colorado for you to celebration your marriage in style and fun!

Colorado Mountain Sunset Elopement Pack List
Champagne celebration in Colorado
Estes Park 3m Curve Elopement Celebration


Every state has different legal requirements for a marriage. They can vary from having a witness, officiant and waiting period! (You can marry yourselves in Colorado!) It’s important to research what you need to make sure your marriage is seamless and easy so you are legally tied after your elopement!

Colorado Elopement Marriage License Pack List
Signing the Marriage License
What To Pack For Your Elopement
Estes Park Elopement Marriage License


Okay, so maybe a photographer isn’t something you pack but having a photographer come along with you on your elopement journey will allow you to capture those extra special moments you will cherish forever. At Vows and Peaks, your photographer (me!) will not only capture all of these special, intimate moments, but will also help you plan the perfect adventure elopement destination!

Iceberg Lake Glacier National Park Pack List
Choose a bad ass photographer!


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