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Telluride Elopement Packages + Guide for 2021


The San Juan mountains is by far one of the most scenic places to hold an adventure elopement. It’s a place that makes your adventure sensations jump off the chart. This state has some of the most scenic mountains in the world, but in this guide, you may find one area that’s more special than the rest.

Elopements in Telluride and the San Juan mountains are my jam. I love everything about them, and I love photographing them. People who choose the San Juan mountain elopements have a special kind of energy and a zest for life that cannot be contained. It doesn’t matter if you have a small guest list (or no guest list at all), an elopement in this area is an excellent choice because it’s flat-out amazingly beautiful!

Check out this Telluride elopement guide with some of my favorite spots and information on my packages!

Bride and Groom Hugging Telluride Elopement Packages


  1. Yes, Colorado has some fantastic hiking, but the San Juan Mountains has some of the best adventuring in all of the state. You can hike, rock climb, go off-roading, or even backpack in some of the biggest and most remote peaks the San Juan Mountains has to offer.
  2. The San Juan’s have some amazing wedding venues for you to share your vows, or you can explore some of the many basins that reside in these rugged parts. Bottom line: you won’t go wrong!
  3. Telluride is home to one of the cutest courthouses in all of the San Juan mountains. You can even get married on the same day as your appointment! Make sure to register for your in-person appointment.
  4. Summer in the San Juan’s is POPULAR! Do you have your heart set on a private and secluded ceremony? Better plan a mid-week date to avoid the crowds!
  5. Telluride’ss elevation and erratic weather make for some challenging but fun times in the San Juan Mountains. Be sure to arrive a few days early to acclimate and pack accordingly for any weather. Plus, why wouldn’t you want to spend extra days in one of the most beautiful parts of the San Juan Mountains?

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  • $6,000 with payment plans available.
  • FULL DAY COVERAGE: Eloping is so much more than a first look and a ceremony. When your big day arrives, I’m there every step of the way. From sunrise to sunset, we’ll capture every moment, from the epic shots to the detailed portraits.
  • GUIDES AND RESOURCES: When I say each elopement is totally customized to you, I mean it. Through unlimited consultations and planning assistance, I’ll scout locations, create a custom timeline, and share packing lists and preferred vendor recommendations.
  • ONLINE GALLERY:  You receive fully edited, full-resolution photos with a sharable link and unlimited downloads.
  • MAP AND PERMIT INFORMATION: The San Juan mountains are notorious for requiring permits to elope or get married. But don’t worry: I handle the research so you’re well prepared with all the necessary information.
  • NEXT DAY TEASERS: Who want to show off the beautiful San Juan mountain elopement photos ASAP? You do! So you’ll receive next-day teasers to throw up on the gram for all your friends to see how cool you are.

Bride and Groom Telluride Elopement Packages


Look, I’m not going to beat around the bush. The San Juan mountains are every adventure junkie’s dream. The peaks are massive, the lakes are turquoise, and you won’t find better off-roading or backpacking than these parts. This area has it all!

So, how do you settle on one idea without feeling you’re missing out on something better? I’m here to match you with the perfect spot because it’s all about putting awesome couples in epic locations for their elopements. Every couple is unique, so I customize each elopement and craft your entire experience based on YOUR relationship!


Bride and Groom Telluride Elopement Packages


You can’t find better 4×4 roads in the country than in the San Juan Mountains range. Bold claim? I don’t think so. Many of the roads were created back in the gold mining days, and the ride in is an adventure in itself.

This area of the state is especially interesting because of its varied topography. This range was formed when a volcano collapsed and then was pushed back up and carved out by glaciers in the ice age. You can encounter sheer black granite walls that go straight up, red iron hills, and green rolling mountain peaks from one range to another. It’s crazy! And if we do multiple locations, it can look like we were in totally different areas.

You have to be cool with a bumpy ride up and being super flexible about the weather, but man, the photos you can get on this adventure are killer.

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A much larger town than Silverton, Ouray, is an excellent choice if you want food, lodging, or other services nearby for your and your guests. There are many, many places to hike to find the right place to get married. If you’re into ghost towns, there’s one nearby accessible by 4WD!

It’s also a great place to find and because it’s central to the San Juan Skyway, which will take you across the four passes to Silverton, Durango, Cortez, and Telluride. This drive is one of the most amazing in the US, not that I am biased!

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They say, “there’s gold in them their hills,” but what we can tell you for sure is that this little mining town has some of the most spectacular views of the San Juans around. The unique geography here means that you can get both vast wildflower fields and 9,300 feet soaring peaks in your photos.

Getting to Silverton is an adventure in itself; it’s a 24-mile scenic drive north of Durango. It’s a little more remote and rugged, and other than some gold mine tours, most of what there is to do in Silverton is to take advantage of the 8 different hiking trails and gorgeous lake basins. Tons of photo ops!

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A popular but really awesome spot to elope in Telluride is Bridal Veil Falls. It’s about a 2-mile hike, but not a rough one. With 365 continuous feet of waterfalls, you can imagine this place is a spectacular spot to get married. 

If you want to go to the top, it can be accessed by road, and a good 4WD or Jeep will do the job up the switchbacked roads. Once on top, the views are incredible, especially in the fall. Doing photos at the top for sunrise and then coming down to the falls is a great way to get the best of all worlds, photographically speaking! Need some inspiration?

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If you love the idea of getting married near a crazy bluer-than-you-can-imagine-lake, this is the area. We can even plan to do it at sunrise or sunset to take advantage of the soft, pink light called alpenglow.

I love the lakes because who doesn’t want both water and majestic mountains in your photos? These lakes are more than just pretty and placid; they are working lakes! While you are here, take advantage of the opportunities to fish, boat or swim and tube on the lakes.

Bride and Groom Kissing Telluride Elopement Packages


Unless you are a big skier and like to drive long distances in the winter, then come in the summer and fall. It’s the miles of trails and meadows of wildflowers that draw couples here every summer. September and October in the San Juan mountains bring you the fall foliage on our native aspen trees. You’re not going to forget the volcanic peaks and turquoise lakes for your wedding day, that’s for sure!

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Did you know that Telluride has the cutest county clerk’s office? Trust me, you won’t find a better place to officially get married than the historic San Miguel County courthouse right off the main street in downtown Telluride!

These are some of the things you’ll need to know to get married in Telluride:

  • The San Miguel County Courthouse is located at 205 W. Colorado Avenue
  • The County Courthouse is open Monday-Friday – 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • You must provide some sort of identifiction that shows your proof of age and identity
  • You must return your paperwork within 30 days. I suggest just dropping it on the way out of town!


You can pick your own adventure in the San Juan Mountains because there’s something for everyone. You can jeep up to a secluded basin or rock climb the Via Ferrata in town or hike into a beautiful alpine lake surrounded by wildflowers. It’s basically picking your own adventure out here and you can’t go wrong with any of your choices!

The most important thing is that this experience is tailored to your vision for your day. It doesn’t matter if you are hardcore backcountry hikers or just nature enthusiasts, I can help you find just the right place in the heart of the San Juan Mountains. Get in touch, and let’s do this!

Bride and Groom Kissing Telluride Elopement Packages


My name is Sean, your Telluride elopement photographer, and I can’t wait to help create your San Juan Mountain elopement! I’m a Colorado-based free spirit who has dedicated my life to exploring this wild world and connecting to the people in it.

I know firsthand what an important and personal decision this is—my wife and I eloped to Northern Ireland. You’re trusting me to capture this amazing day, and I make it my responsibility to make sure you have an incredible experience from start to finish.

My passion has led me here, where I can follow my heart and share my love for the outdoors with others on their wedding day. It’s truly an awesome experience, and I’m stoked every time I get to document your day.

When I’m not photographing couples, I love to go exploring with my wife and our corgi.

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